Experience the Trails of Pennsylvania

Restek Ramblers

Come join fellow Restek employees as we explore some of the hiking opportunities available in our surrounding forests and mountains. We strive to complete 10 hikes every year (sometimes more). We will venture out into Penn's Woods every Wednesday after work for these hikes. Restek Ramblers arrive at a designated pre-hike trailheads before 5:00PM. Leaving the pre-hike trailhead, we hope to be at the trailhead proper and start our hikes no later than 5:15PM. Details about each hike can be found on this web page. Changes to hike times or schedules due to inclement weather or other factors will be communicated via the our mailing list and on our Facebook group page.

Make sure you sign up for the Restek Ramblers mailing list so that you get the most up-to-date information regarding the hikes. You can also follow us on our Facebook page. Updates to hikes, changes to schedules, and photos from completed hikes are all posted on the Restek Ramblers Facebook page.​

Hike Schedulde

Hikes for 2023 to start Wednesday, April 19th. See the Restek Yammer page (Hiking) for information on this year's hikes.

How Does All Of This Work?

You may be asking, how does this all work? How are these after work hikes being coordinated and how do we get to the trailhead?

The details of each hike that we will be doing will be posted in our Facebook page and via our mailing list. An overview of the hike as well as directions to the trailhead proper (including latitude and longitude coordinates) will be given for each hike. We will also detail where the pre-hike trailhead is located.

Once at the pre-hike trailhead there will be some formalities that will need to be addressed. Information about the hike will  be given at the pre-hike trailhead and car shuttling arrangements will be made, if there are more cars at the pre-hike trailhead than can be accommodated at the trailhead proper.

All of the hikes are circuit (loop) hikes. Once at the trailhead proper, we will start on the hike, hoping to hit the trail by 5:15PM. All of the hikes are designed so that we will return to the trailhead proper prior to darkness setting in, however it may be dark by the time we make it back to the pre-hike trailhead. The group will wait at the trailhead proper until all hikers have returned from our hike (there will be a designated "sweep" that will bring up the rear and make sure no one is left behind) prior to heading back to the pre-hike trailhead.


A Hiker's Checklist

Here is a quick run-down of things to keep in mind if you decide to join the Restek Ramblers on one of these outings.

  • Wear appropriate shoes - In most cases, sneakers will be adequate for these hikes. However, on hikes where we may be hiking along a ridgetop, you will encounter some rocky sections of trails. In this case, hiking shoes or boots with good tread is recommended. Also, with the earlier spring hikes, some parts of the trail may be muddy, wet, or both. Hiking boots or at least older sneakers should be worn on these hikes. If you only have sneakers and want to venture out on the "rockier" hikes, trekking poles or a walking stick will help make sure you keep your footing.
  • Bring along water - At a minimum you should bring along 20 ounces of water. Even on days when it is overcast or cool, you will still need to keep yourself hydrated. Later in spring/early summer, this is of upmost importance as these hikes will be longer and more strenuous.
  • Wear appropriate attire - During some of our first hikes, we may see temperatures in the low 40s. You should dress in layers, and bring a hat and/or gloves for these earlier and potentially colder hikes. As it warms up you may be tempted to wear shorts. Please keep in mind that Central Pennsylvania has a robust deer tick population. You may want to wear light colored, long legged pants to avoid issues with ticks.
  • Bring bug spray - Bug spray with DEET will help keep the ticks off your legs and during the early summer months will also help keep gnats away as well.
  • Consider a flashlight or headlamp - Some of our hikes will have us returning to the trailhead as the sun sets. A flashlight or headlamp is a nice insurance policy to make sure you aren't tripping over rocks as you finish up the hike.

Hiking With Others

It has been asked if these hikes were limited to Restek employees only. The answer is no, family members (including kids) are more than welcome to come along. With that being said, it will be the responsibility of the parent to determine if a particular hike is appropriate for children. 

Once you have hiked on one or two hikes, you will be able to get a better feel for the difficulty of our hikes. You can then make an informed decision whether or not your child can handle some of the later hikes, knowing that are hikes will gradually become a bit harder and longer. We, as a group, will try to accommodate the slowest hiker, but each parent will be responsible for their child. That may mean retracing your steps back to the trailhead if your child (or you) are not able to continue on the hike. Maps of each hike will be available prior to the hike, so if you feel that it may be necessary to bail on a hike, please print a map to take along. If you, as a parent, makes the decision to cut a hike short because your child cannot continue on, make sure to notify the hike leader so that we are aware of your absence from the group.

The obligatory fine print regarding these after work hikes:

There are inherent risks, including environmental, human and equipment hazards involved in hiking that could cause injuries and/or death. You need to understand the specific risks associated with each outdoor activity in which you voluntarily agree to participate, prior to engaging in that activity. You also need to be aware that you, and others accompanying you, will need to come equipped with suitable clothing, equipment, nutrition, and any required medication to participate in the outdoor activity.