PAHikes is Shutting Down. Grab a trail guide or map before they're gone.

PAHikes website is shutting down

After 19 years of serving the hiking community, the PAHikes website is shutting it's doors. In early 2024, this website will be taken offline. I hope everyone that has visited the site was able to adventure out into the woods of Pennsylvania to experience the amazing beauty our state has to offer.

If you would like to grab a map, trail guide or hiking book, all of them have been marked down and are on sale. Once these trail guides are gone, we will not be offering them again on PAHikes, and in some cases, some will be out of print.

Thanks again for everyone that visited the site or purchased guidebooks. It has been fun. Happy Hiking!

Suggested Backpacking Trips

Catching the Fall Foliage

Many trails in Pennsylvania offer great opportunities to view the change in color of the leaves. Plan a hike in the autumn on the West Rim Trail and you'll be treated with many colorful vistas.

Hikes On The West Rim Trail
Ideal For A Summer Outing

An often overlooked backpacking trail in Central PA is the Chuck Keiper Trail. Plan a summer outing to enjoy the cool valleys and pleasant waterfalls. But be prepared for a challenge; steep climbs and descents are scattered all along the trail.

Hikes On The Chuck Keiper Trail
A Must Do Backpacking Trip

Anytime of the year is a good time to hike the Black Forest Trail, just make sure you do it! This is considered the ultimate backpacking trail in Pennsylvania. Plan an outing on this trail and I'll guarantee you won't be disappointed.

Hikes on the Black Forest Trail