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Mason-Dixon Trail Maps

Mason-Dixon Trail Maps


Mason-Dixon Trail Maps
by Mason Dixon Trail System, Inc.

The Mason-Dixon Trail Maps have been updated; GPS data has enabled more accurate delineation of the Mason-Dixon Trail, there have been many relocations, other trails have been added. Each map, printed on water-proof paper, is 20 x 8.5 inches and folds to a 4 x 8.5 inch format. A detailed trail description, both west to east and east to west, is printed on the reverse side of each map. The set of 10 maps includes a cover sheet and is enclosed in a plastic bag. The new maps include side trails and park trails shown as dotted red lines in addition to the solid red line of the M-DT.

  • Map: Waterproof plastic
  • Publisher: Mason Dixon Trail System, Inc. (2016)
  • Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 20 inches (x 10)

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