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Shingletown Gap: A Great Introductory Hike

This hike is a short and easy hike that introduces you to the Shingletown Gap area. Starting at the main trailhead located at the end of Mountain Road, this hike follows Roaring Run up the valley. Near one of the points of interest in this area, you'll cross over Roaring Run with a short climb to the Charcoal Flats Trail. Following this trail, along with the Red-White and Blue-White Trail, you'll circle back to the trailhead.

Trailhead: N 40° 45.27'
W 77° 49.07'
Total Elevation: 652'
Trail Length: 2.3 miles
Hike Time: 1.5 hours
Hike Type: Loop
Difficulty Rating: 36
Near: Off route PA45
by the town of

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The trailhead for this hike is easily accessible from State College. Coming from State College, either via route US322 or business route US322 (South Atherton Street), you will need to turn right onto route PA45 west near Boalsburg. Once you are on route PA45 west heading towards Pine Grove Mills, you will want to travel 1.8 miles where you will reach the town of Shingletown. Here turn left onto Mountain Road and travel another mile where you will come to the parking area and the trailhead.

Begin your hike at the trailhead located at the end of Mountain Road, in Shingletown Gap proper on Lower Trail. Walk past the old reservoir on a wide limestone path then bear left off the limestone path on a packed dirt trail.

At a tenth of a mile, you will be at the junction with the Blue-White Trail to the right; continue straight on Lower Trail. Here rocks become prominent on the trail. You will pass Cruiser Run and small waterfall on the right. On the far side of Roaring Run a trail angles up the far hill side. Continue straight, keeping on the main trail.

The trail meets Roaring Run at a stone retaining wall. Follow the trail as it bears to the left along the stream. You will be hiking along Roaring Run as you pass through a thicket of Rhododendrons. After this the trail becomes wider as it resumes on an old forest road.

At just a bit over a half mile into the hike, the trail meets the stream bank with the old trail crossing here. Follow Lower Trail by bearing left and keeping to the north bank of Roaring Run. Then, at 0.7 miles into the hike, you will see the remains of an old building with only one stone wall remaining. Turn right here and cross Roaring Run.

Soon you will be climbing away from Roaring Run. After a short climb, the trail ends at intersection with Charcoal Flats Trail. At a little over 0.8 miles, turn right here and walk across a charcoal flat. Shortly there after, you will be at the intersection with Red-White Trail. Continue straight on this new trail.

At a mile into the hike you will encounter a second charcoal flat where the trail makes a sharp turn to the left.

At approximately 1.3 miles, the Red-White Trail crosses the Downer Trail. Continue straight for four tenths of a mile where the Red-White Trail comes to an end at the intersection with the Blue-White Trail. Turn right here and head towards Cruiser Run.

Hop across Cruiser Run on the provided rocks. The trail turns slightly to the right and begins a steep descent as it follows along the banks of Cruiser Run. At 2 miles turn left away from the stream.

The trail descends a bit where it finally reach the banks of Roaring Run. Follow the stream until you come upon the log bridge. Cross here and meet back up with the Lower Trail and the trailhead for this hike.

The start of this hike.

Crossing over Roaring Run.

Hiking on the Charcoal Flat Trail.

Remains of a chimney and small building.

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