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Notes Regarding Hike Data

For each hike on PAHikes you will find the following details: Trailhead, Elevation Traversed, Trail Length, Hike Time, Hike Type, Difficulty Rating, and Near.

Trailhead will show you the coordinates for the trailhead that I used on this specific hike. Some hikes have multiple trailheads, and the coordinates for these other trailheads will also be listed further down the page.

The elevation traversed is the total elevation that you will hike, including ascending and descending elevation. For out and back and loop hike types, where you finish where you started, half of the elevation traversed is elevation that you will climb, and the other half is elevation that you traverse going down hill.

Trail length is the total distance hiked on the trail. Your trail length may be different, especially if a side trail loop is included.

Hike time is calculated by assuming 1/2 hour for every mile hiked, plus an additional 1/2 hour for every 1000' ascended. Elevation descend time is treated the same as hiking on level ground. Hike times are rounded up to the nearest half hour.

Hike types are of three basic variations: out and back, loop or circuit, and shuttle.

Difficulty Rating is determined by the length of the hike and the elevation traversed. Ten points are assigned for every mile hiked and for every 500 feet ascended or descended. The total point value is then divided by the number of days spent on the hike.

Finally, near indicates some of the larger landmarks/towns/roads that the trailhead is near. Specific directions for getting to the trailhead are described in the narration of the hike.

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