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Mid State Trail

The Mid State Trail (MST) is a 518 km (323 mile) long main trail network with many side trails located in the Ridge-and-valley Appalachians and Allegheny Plateau of Central Pennsylvania. The Mid State Trail extends from the Maryland border to the New York border, bisecting the middle of Pennsylvania. The southern end of the MST is found on the Mason-Dixon line on route PA326. The northern terminus is located just north of Lawrenceville, PA. The MST is primarily on public land; state forests, state game lands and state parks.

Mid State Trail
MST uses private lands by permission on occasion, generally closer to the Maryland and New York borders. The Mid State Trail is marked with rectangular orange blazes. Yellow and blue blazes are used to mark other, side trails. The MST marks the trail with single rectangles and two rectangles to denote turns.

The Mid State Trail is divided into four different regions; Everett (EV), State College (SC), Woolrich (WO) and Tioga (TI). The southern most section of the trail is the Everett Region. The Everett Region covers the section of the trail that extends from the Maryland border to route US22 near Alexandria, PA. Adjacent to this region is the State College Region. This extends from route US22 near Alexandria, PA to the R.B. Winter State Park. The next region is the Woolrich Region which includes the section of the MST from R.B. Winter State Park to the town of Blackwell, PA. The final region is the Tioga Region. The section of the trail from Blackwell, PA to the New York state border make up this region.

A brief history of the Mid State Trail tells about how the trail began and the growing pains it suffered as it slowly blazed its way across the middle of the state. More information about the Mid State Trail and the organization tasked with maintaining it is available on the Mid State Trail Association (MSTA) website.