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Winter Hiking And Snowshoeing

With the winter months and the snow comes to opportunity to get out and do some winter hiking and/or snowshoeing. One thing that I enjoy about winter hiking when compared to hiking during the other seasons is experiencing the quiet and serenity of snow-covered landscapes. Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you venture out on a snowshoeing excursions:

  • Check your gear before you head out. This is good advice year round, but especially important in the winter when the temperatures are cold and the environment is harsh.
  • Take frequent breaks and remember to hydrate. In the winter you typically aren't aware of the obvious signs of perspiring, but you still need to take time and replace your fluids.
  • If snowshoeing with others, take turns breaking the trail as this is the most tiring part of snowshoeing. If you happen to have a person that is extra energetic and wants to hike fast, let them take the lead. But also keep in mind the slowest person hiking with you and remember to stop frequently and allow them to catch up.

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