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Treat Your Sleeping Bag Well This Winter

Winter is here and if you are like me, hikes during this time of the year are typically limited to day hikes. However, even if you aren’t using it over the winter, don’t neglect your sleeping bag.

This is the perfect time of the year to launder your sleeping bag. Ideally you would do this at a laundromat where they have those large, industrial size washers, specifically the ones without an agitator. If you don’t want to make a trip to the laundromat, then wash your bag by hand in a large tub of water (ie: bathtub). Make sure you use a mild, powdered soap and stay away from liquid detergents. When done washing, tumble dry your sleeping bag in your dryer using a no heat setting.

One last thing: don’t store your sleeping bag in it’s stuff sack. You can hang it from a hanger (best choice) or store it in a large breathable bag. Storing it this way keeps the fibers loose and not compressed, extending the life of your bag, and giving you continued warmth in the upcoming backpacking season.

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