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Duct Tape Is A Hikers Best Friend

Duct tape, in my opinion, is the best invention ever made and a "must-take-accessory" when I go hiking. This durable, adhesive tape is strong enough to hold almost anything together and is "water-proof" enough to get you out of potentially wet situations, such as a leaky tent.

A tip given to me a while back is to wrap some duct around your water bottle. It’s easily accessible, you know exactly where it is, and it doesn’t take up space in your pack.

My favorite use for duct tape: blisters. Instead of using mole skin when you develop a blister, put a piece of duct tape on your foot, covering the blister. You can also put a piece of tape on the offending spot inside your boot as well. This quick fix will keep your blister from getting worse and will see you through to the end of your hike.

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