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Dressing For The Cold

Hiking during the winter requires you to dress appropriately. You’ll be surprised at how fast you get overheated and begin to sweat while hiking during these colder months.

The key to dressing for hikes when it’s cold is to dress in layers. Also, wearing a shirt or turtleneck that zippers in the front is a good idea. You can zipper up for warmth and unzipper to cool down. When you do start to get hot, start by taking off your hat (yes, make sure you wear a hat as that is where most of your body heat escapes), then open your shirt or jacket a little, then try unbuttoning and rolling up your shirt sleeves. This will allow cool air to circulate up your arms and down your torso.

Finally remember to bundle back up when you stop hiking. Dressing and undressing as your body warms and cools is the best way to keep comfortable during winter hikes.

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