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Dehydration . . . . In Winter

Did you know that you can dehydrate while hiking during the winter? Most people associate dehydration with hot summer days. Even though that is the most common time of the year that hikers dehydrate, dehydration can also occur during the winter months.

Even when you are hiking during the winter months, always remember to bring along an adequate supply of water. I always carry 2 liters of water with me; if I’m hiking 3 miles or 10 miles. If you are going to hike 10 miles or more, make sure you have a source of water at the end of your hike, or better yet, bring along a water filter so you can fill up along the way.

The best way to avoid dehydration on the trail during the winter is to make sure you’re hydrated before you start. Drink plenty of water on the morning of the hike. If you have an hour or two drive to the trailhead, bring along 20 ounces or more to drink on the way. And if you are doing an overnighter, make sure to drink at least a liter in the morning before you break camp and start your second day of hiking. You would be surprised at the amount of water your body gives off while you sleep.

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