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An Interesting Tip For Out-and-Back Hikes

The one thing that I enjoy most about hiking is the exploration aspect. That is why I prefer loop or circuit hikes. You start at point 'A', and return to point 'A', while experiencing new surroundings every step of the way. Point to point hikes are also enjoyable, but require at least two people and two cars.

My least favorite type of hike is out-and-back hikes. However, if you have a large enough group of hikers, there is a way to avoid an out-and-back hike. What you’ll need to do is split into two groups. Drop the first group at point 'A' and then drive to point 'B', park the car, and begin your hike. At the mid point, when the two groups pass each other, hand off the keys. Now the first group hops in the car parked at point 'B' and drives back to pick up the other group at point 'A'. An option if you are hiking by your self: drop a bike off at point 'B' and then ride it back to the trailhead after your hike.

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